Alaska Yacht Charters

Alaska Yacht Charters

Cakewalk, 204 Ft. 12 Guests, Crew 16

Experience the ultimate vacation or honeymoon with your very own crewed yacht charter. We offer a wide range of sailing and motor yacht charters in locations throughtout the world. Choose a yacht charter from places such as the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Florida, New England, Alaksa, and the South Pacific.

caribbean yacht charters

Fantasize about a day full of sailing on turquoise, clear waters. Snorkeling, scuba diving, boardsailing, water-skiing or kayaking available anytime from your own private yacht lying at anchor. Then counterbalance it with time. Time to swing lazily in a hammock, read your favorite book, and build sand castles on a private beach...

This perfect vacation you have just imagined is a Charter Yacht Vacation. You will be pleasantly surprised, especially if you enjoy taking a customized vacation with your family, friends, a romantic twosome or business colleagues. It is as perfect for first-timers as for experienced cruisers, for real adventurers or the armchair variety, for active, exciting on-the-go types or those who seek nothing more than to relax and unwind. Dive into the clear blue water and wash away the dust from the city.

Yachts vary in size from small to large, sail or power, with or without a crew, from economy-minded to luxurious. When on board the crewed yacht of your choice, you will be served gourmet meals, all prepared to your personal preferences; you also select the wines, liquors and other beverages, as well as the activities and destinations. For about the same price as a hotel, resort or cruise ship you will have the luxury of your Captain assisting you with your daily agenda without additional costs. You will be able to visit more Caribbean islands cruising on your own private yacht charters. The crews are experienced in the various cruising areas and are your own personal tour guides.

It is really easy to arrange a yacht charter. Use our Yacht Search to pre-select one or more yachts which fulfill your requirements and then contact June Montagne Yacht Charters for a free one-on-one consultation and let us do all of the work for you. We attend various Boat Shows throughout the world on a yearly basis and have viewed most of the charter yachts and personally interviewed the Captains and their Crews. Because we have been involved in the yachting industry for over 18 years, we personally know many yachts and their crews very well. With many high profile clients, confidentiality, customized service and discretion are assured. Here at June Montagne Yacht Charters, we are trained to professionally match your vacation wishes with the best charter yacht within your calendar and budget requirements.

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